About Seven Colours

At first Sevens Colors wanted to make merchandise that look like unique. We started providing unique products 100% customize products options. Seven Colours weren’t just different color schema, fonts, labeling but also unique to different respective teams. We like to think of ourselves as being the initiator of uniqueness in the sports uniform market. We have the same passion when it comes to our men’s, women’s, boy’s, and girls’ sports wearable products. Our mission is to provide the highest possible quality sportswear at an affordable price, where every single person that is aspiring to be an athlete on any feel comfortable and look good while wearing sportswear items.
Create your own brand with Seven Colors


We will provide you the best services and create apparel worth keeping forever.

  • Custom Design

    Work with our design team to custom your own design or have them create a completely new design with respect to production possibilities.

  • Labeling

    Finalize your products by finishing them with labels. Chose one of our different label options or you can select your own labels option.

  • Quality Control

    1. Pre-production: Buying and design department, 2. During production: Local Quality controllers, 3. Post-production: HQ Quality controllers

  • Stock Level

    We stock, handle and ship your daily webshop orders all over the world. You don’t have to worry about returns, refunds or stock levels either.

  • Workshops

    For immediate guidance, saving years of research, hands on expertise and a step by step action plan then you should join us in our next workshop!

  • Development

    If you want to develop some products don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. Our team will love to help you and create more than expectations.

The President

21st century is all about the technological advancement and the world has embrace it to an extend where it allows them to become their own boss. Social media has created niche markets for personalized branding for individuals from all race of life. Sevencolours aims to cater the growing demand of individuals and companies by providing dedicated services to customers, emphasizing on quality and cost effectivness. Sevencolours successfully manages to operate in such a dynamic market by forming cluster groups of employees in production. Our in-house printing facility enables us to meet prompt delivery.

I graduated from royal Holloway University College London in 2015, since then i have been following my dream for manufacturing apparels. My determination has made it possible for us to meet.

We aim to be as flexible as we can be to cater our clients demands.

The company make sure social responsibilities are met and is always thriving for bringing positive changes to the community.

We welcome everyone at Sevencolours sports.

our Team member

Chelsea captain John Terry is not ready to start against Stoke on Saturday and is struggling to prove his fitness.

Mr. Fazal Jilani
  • Founder
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Mr. Armughan Jilani
Director Marketing
  • Co. Founder
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Mr. Mohsin Masood
Marketing Manager
  • Manager
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Waqar Ahmed
  • Designer
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  • Team Head
  • "Thank you for the good sales support and being part of the effort to make the world more humane & sustainable".

    Jose Lance
  • "I was recently at your store, what a delight to find you! Thank you, not only for your expertise but also for you encouragement in making more conscientious choices!"

    Julina Susan
  • "We love the clothes we bought from your store. They have been worn a bunch and still look like new! Thanks for what you do to promote equality and a better earth!"

    Lance and Sarah